You’ve bought all the meat and fish and can’t wait to cook on your BBQ that we’ve cleaned and given a fresh lease of life to, but in the back of your mind you’re wondering how to easily keep it clean.

What if we told you in your kitchen you probably have the two things that can keep it clean enough that it doesn’t leave a nasty flavour to your food, doesn’t include chemicals and won’t cost extra money – it’s not going to leave it OvenGleam clean, but close.

Tinfoil and half an onion!

When your grill is hot, roll some tinfoil loosely into a ball, using your grill tongs rub it all over the grill, this will remove any leftover grease and food.

Now you’ve got rid of the grease and food remnants, cut an onion in half and spear it with a fork to use as a handle, rub the cut side all over the grill, the natural oils found in the onion will form a protective coating on the grill and as an added bonus will lightly flavour your food as well.

Don’t forget it has to be hot enough to cook on before you do this. This method will keep it clean enough during the summer, then we can come and give it an OvenGleam clean at the end of the summer before you put it away or spring next year ready to start using again.

A Day in the Life

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